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Cathy Coley

what's old is new again

When I opened this website a couple of years ago, I did not anticipate the tidal wave of changes that were about to hit my life nearly ceaselessly for the next chunk of time. In that time, we had two graduations, one high school and one college, those I did anticipate. We had one son move out, get a job, and he is completely making things work on his own. One son started at a technical arts college, and after a year is back with us while we figure out his next steps. He’s working now, too. Our family went through a slew of deaths, personal traumas, and physical ones. We are still here.

But here is new, too. We moved with a job change and a general need for change, as we continued challenges with our young daughter’s schooling. So we pulled up our eleven year roots in Yorktown, Virginia and moved further southward to the Topsail area of North Carolina. No matter changes, the constant for me must remain the sea.

We are mostly settled in now, and we travelled to Paris. After all we had been through, I found a deal and we needed a break. I hobbled the streets and wheelchaired through the Louvre and Giverny, saw ex-patriot friends, wished to join them, and so did my daughter, but we came home. Then I had surgery. I’m still recovering.

But I have begun to have the space in my brain and heart to write again. I am happy with a recent cross-genre fantasy-horror with a bit of romance story that didn’t get accepted for an anthology as I rushed to a deadline, but am confident it will see the light of published soon.

I'm dipping back into older projects, as my newer ones of screenplays really didn't work out. My ideas are good, I’m just long out of form and would welcome a collaborator.

Meanwhile, I am in the midst of revamping this site to more accurately reflect what I can offer as a writer. Glad to be back. This time, I swear, I will be more active.

For now,