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Cathy Coley

Old Dog, New Tricks

I learn new things all the time. I digest a lot of information at a quick rate, and am good at synthesizing and filing away summations of articles, books, movies, interactions on a daily basis. I've been doing this for decades. I am slowing down. My hard drive is less white matter and more grey matter. The system is backing up. I lose details.

Talk technically to me, and I may "get it" but it may take a little while and a few tries before I can implement what you're talking about or what I read.

I am learning my way around my new website, and learning my way around screenplay writing. I've had other blogs, eventually got the model format for spitting out something to the public on a regular basis. I have learned forms of writing from sestina to dialogue. I'm getting there, piece by piece. I still spell dialog with ue, I am learning, and that takes time.

I haven't been in my twenties in a long time, hell, one of my kids is in his twenties. The circuitry is a little rusty, or dusty. I am cleaning out new pathways through my brain. Slowly the cobwebs clear in the synaptic gaps, and I can write new things in new ways, a little at a time.
It's hard to be patient with myself. I was a zippy younger person. My mind is still zippy, I'm just also running from behind to catch the thoughts and ideas to get them down. I'm getting there.