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Cathy Coley



If this is the worst for us, and some yard waste, we are incredibly grateful.

My goal with this blog is to post about writing process every couple of weeks. The time table is to hold myself accountable to keeping on track in writing, and to not overtalk process, thereby writing myself out of the main writing which I'd rather be writing.

Well, life and hurricanes happen, and it's been a month. Our house is still standing, I don't think we "house guests and fish-ed" our way out of our evacution hosts' family. Sadly, many of my neighbors and community have trees in their roofs, or beach or rivers and sewage washed into the rest of their homes or businesses. School is still out for our district and it's taking a routine toll on our family, but we are home, all is well for us. We survived. The community is strong and cleaning up as quickly as possible. Beach access is off-limits, but the little park where I walk along the Intracoastal is cleaned up and open, and there is no longer a curfew or limited access to Topsail Island. The dunes are no longer in the streets, but still being repaired.

With that out of the way, I'm going to once again thank the handful of readers who contacted me through the contact page to buy a signed copy of Felix the Comet. I still have about two dozen copies of the first printing taking up a shelf in my house and mental room in my brain. I would love to send you a copy, too, signed to you, or for a kid or teacher you know, around 4th-7th grade. I'm cleaning house, not making any money on it, $10 a copy covers printing and shipping and handling. I'm moving on in writing. Felix is a great little companion to have in my brain, but I feel like he and his friends want to grow up and move on, too.

Now for the writing:

I had been mulling working on existing projects that won't let go, started years ago in some cases, but with news being what it is lately, I found myself stymied to write after we settled back in and cleaned up the yard. Then I had a stroke, or maybe a few, and maybe that's an overstatement that shouldn't be joked about, but I had a stroke of conscious and began a story that may be story, may be a novella, may be something bigger, and it's a woman's story of what it is like to live in these times. One woman's story, and regardless of who you support in the current news, I think any woman could relate to this story, has lived aspects of it, knows what it is like to be a woman now, or in the last fifty years. I hope I'm adding a surprise twist in it, still a work in progress. Another for the cohort.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be well, be safe, and be kind to yourself.

Until next post,