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a little about

photo: Andrew J. Tinari

Cathy Coley has been writing stories and poetry since before she could hold a pen. She has won awards for poetry, short stories, and a play, but doesn’t like to brag. She lives in mayhem, in Tidewater, Virginia, with her family and pets. She launched her first children’s novel, Felix The Comet on Lulu.com in 2014. She has blogged about balancing life and writing at musingsinmayhem and briefly, about writing at Cathy Coley, Writer. You are welcome to get to know her a little better over there.

Cathy is currently shifting gears from fiction to screenwriting as she previously shifted gears from poetry and short fiction to children's fiction. This most recent change is the fullfillment of the childhood dream born of a lifetime in love with and study of films, old and new. She is adapting Felix the Comet, which could be a sweet little film. Additionally, she has two to three other screenwriting projects started that are more grown up and comedically cathartic.

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