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Away we go

Away we go

hm, which one first?


Firstly, thank you to those of you who bought copies of Felix the Comet through me so far! I still have some copies on hand that I would love to sign for a student, teacher, or you! Please email through my Contact page if you'd like to park one in a 4th-7th grade classroom for the new school year, signed! It's a fun story of friendship and negotiating social miasma at 12 with a little science thrown in. If you run into an error message in Contact, you can DM me in Twitter or Facebook. So far, things seem to be working well since the webpage redesign.

Secondly, in my writing career reboot since (see my last couple of blogs) my big life transitions, I am digging back into projects for editing and rewriting. I left off another children's book a few years back, a fantasy that was becoming a can of worms I couldn't contain. I didn't have plot bunnies, as they say, I had plot elves, centaurs and Chthulus. I am opening that back up again. I am also taking another dive into the recent fantasy-horror short I wrote in a rush to a deadline where it didn't get accepted. Working toward a deadline was a good jumping point to exercise my atrophied writing muscles. It's a good little story, just needs to be cleaned up.

One tool that works for me as I edit is to print the project out and break out colored pens. I can slash lines more easily that need to be cut, and rewrite in margins and page backs. Yes, I know great software programs exist for that now, but I'm an old dog who likes her old tricks. My brain works tactilely as well as visually. My handwriting is a mess but it helps me process mentally much better to write things out. Then when I go back into the digital version, I rewrite what I can't read in my handwriting, and usually third time is the charm.

Do you write or are you another type of creative, visual, music, performance? I'd love to hear from you how your process works. We can talk through my Contact Page.

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Welcome to my new look!

I think this better reflects where I am now in life and writing. Please take a look around the home and about pages.

Initially, this website reflected the look of my first book, with Melissa Gay’s ( beautiful artwork. And it was exactly what I wanted, for a time.

Among the many changes mentioned in the previous blog post, I have reached a point where I am ready to say goodbye to all the great things that Felix the Comet gave me. I took a great ride with those characters for many years through the writing and publishing, and I may still have some love for a second book in that world, centered around his friend Kelsey. I have an incomplete manuscript that I believe clocks in around 40k words so far, but I haven’t opened that in a few years. It may not be time yet. It may never be time to finish that. Sadly, that is the nature of writing sometimes. Even the best of ideas can fall off a cliff and live better in oblivion.

Part of that big goodbye to Felix and his friends is to say goodbye to a small stash of copies I have in my house. So here is a ONE TIME ONLY offer of a limited number of books. I will happily sign them to you, or a child you want to give a copy to, or to a classroom. First come, first serve, when I run out, that’s the end of this offer. Please email me through this website on the contact page. We will set up payment and I’ll get your address. I will amend this post to announce when I am sold out. I am offering them at $10 a copy, simply to defray printing and shipping costs.

Meanwhile, Felix the Comet is still available for digital orders and in paperback through my Links page.

I’m happy to be writing again, in different areas. I have one project I’m going to peek back into that is more of a fantasy story for the same middle reader age group, and a few more things I’m keeping quiet for now. I do have a recently completed cross-genre fantasy-horror story that is ready to shop around to magazines or collections.

Thanks for clicking!

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